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COVID-19 UPDATE: To ensure the continued safety of our family and yours, we are encouraging our customers to pre-order by email or phone. When you pre-order your items, we will package them for you for pick up. Payment will be requested upon arrival. Payment options now include e-transfers to: At this time, we are also requesting that only ONE customer be in the store at a time to ensure safe physical distancing. Customers may also request their pre-orders to be picked up outside the store building (if payment has been made by e-transfer/mobile means). Please visit the STORE section of our website to see updated lists and prices of all our food and items for sale. Thank you for your support and patience as we navigate through this unprecedented time together.    Email:   |   Phone: 519-632-7678

Local Farm Meats & Fish


    Whole Roast Chicken             3.00/lb.

    Boneless Breast                    15.00/lb.

    Ground Chicken                     8.00/lb.

    Legs                                       8.00/lb.

    Wings                                     8.00/lb.

    Chicken Sausage                   9.00/lb.

    Chicken Souvlaki                  10.00/lb.        

Each Chicken Case is approx. 4kg or 8.8 lbs.


    Whole Roast Turkey                4.00/lb.

    Breast (boneless, skinless)          10.00/lb.

    Breast (bone in, skin on)              9.00/lb.

    Ground                                   9.00/lb.

    Drums & Wings                      4.50/lb.

    Turkey Sausage                     9.00/lb.

    Breakfast Sausage               10.00/lb.

    Wieners                                  8.00/lb.

    Patties (pkg. of 4)                     10.00/lb.

All Pork is Nitrate Free, Gluten Free

& Low Salt


    Rainbow Trout                      18.99/lb.

    Pickerel                                18.99/lb.

Chicken Pieces by the Case

    Omega 3 Chicken Breast    75.00/ea.

    Wings (split no tips)                60.00/ea.

    Chicken Souvlaki                 85.00/ea.

    Drum/Thigh/Back                 38.00/ea.

    Chicken Drum Sticks           38.00/ea.


    Pork Chops                            6.00/lb.

    Ground Pork                           5.50/lb.

    Bacon (low salt, nitrate free)         8.50/lb.

    Paprika Sausage                   7.00/lb.

    Garlic Sausage                      7.00/lb.

    Lean Breakfast Sausage       7.00/lb.

    Spareribs                               6.00/lb.

    Tenderloin                              9.00/lb.

    Roast (butt roast, boneless)          5.50/lb.

    Honey Ham (smoked)                 6.50/lb.

    Lard                                       3.00/lb.


    Ground Lamb                        7.00/lb.