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COVID-19 UPDATE: To ensure the continued safety of our family and yours, we are encouraging our customers to pre-order by email or phone. When you pre-order your items, we will package them for you for pick up. Payment will be requested upon arrival. Payment options now include e-transfers to: At this time, we are also requesting that only ONE customer be in the store at a time to ensure safe physical distancing. Customers may also request their pre-orders to be picked up outside the store building (if payment has been made by e-transfer/mobile means). Please visit the STORE section of our website to see updated lists and prices of all our food and items for sale. Thank you for your support and patience as we navigate through this unprecedented time together.    Email:   |   Phone: 519-632-7678

Local Foods & Items


    Free-Run & Brown - 5.00/doz.


Jensen Cheese*

    Medium White Cheddar Sticks

    Old White Cheddar Sticks

    Hot Pepper Cheddar Sticks *NEW*

    Mozzarella Sticks

    Mozzarella Slices (between $3-$4)

    White Cheese Curds

*Cheese prices based on weight:

    average price is $5-6 per item


Mountain Oak Gouda Cheese*

    Gold Wedge Gouda (old)

    Medium Wedge Gouda

    Mild Wedge Gouda

    Black Pepper Wedge Gouda

    Black Truffle Wedge Gouda

    Chilli Pepper Wedge Gouda

    Cuman Mild Wedge Gouda

    Plain Gouda Cheese Curds

    Black Petter Gouda Cheese Curds

*Cheese prices based on weight:

    average price is $8-10 per item

Liquid Honey

    Small (375 mL) - 9.00/jar

    Large (750 mL) - 13.00/jar


Creamed Honey

    Small (375 mL) - 9.00/jar

    Large (750 mL) - 13.00/jar


Raw Honey

    Large (750 mL) - 13.00/jar

Cinnamon Cream Honey

    Small (375 mL) - 9.00/jar

Handmade Beeswax Candles

Pure & Natural - ALL CANDLES ON SALE*

    Tea-lights - 10.00/for 6

    Tiny Cylinder (3" by 1.5") - 9.00/ea.

    Small Cylinder (3" by 2") - 15.00/ea.

    Medium Cylinder (5" by 2") - 20.00/ea.

    Large Cylinder (7" by 2") - 25.00/ea.

    Beehive Shape (2" by 2") - 4.00/ea.

    Beehive Shape (3" by 2.5") - 12.00/ea.

    Rustic Candle (5" by 3") - 25.00/ea.

*All candle prices listed are $2-$5 off regular price

Maple Syrup

    Small (250 mL) - 8.00/ea.

    Medium (500 mL) - 12.00/ea.

    Large (1L) - 18.00/ea.

Maple Sugar

    Small (150 g) - 8.00/ea.

    Medium (300 g) - 13.00/ea.

    Large (454 g) - 16.00/ea.

Maple Mustard

    Small (150 mL) - 4.00/ea.

    Medium (250 mL) - 5.50/ea.

Maple Butter

    Small (150 g) - 5.00/ea.

Maple Treats

    Maple Suckers (round) - 0.25/ea.

    Maple Leaf Candy (soft) - 1.00/ea.

    Maple Leaf Suckers - 2.00/ea.

    Maple Candy Floss (55 g) - 5.00/ea.

Pure Fruit Juices   

    Apple Cider (1.89L) - 7.50/ea.

    Sparkling Apple Cider - 7.00/ea.

    Grape Juice - 8.00/ea.

All Candles are on SALE

Cheese Prices Based on Weight

Coffee is Direct Trade from Honduras

Eggs are Natural Fed, Free-Run & Brown

Pickled Vegetables

    Dill Pickles - 6.00/ea.

    Sweet Pickles - 6.00/ea.

    Beats - 6.00/ea.

    Pickled Beans - 8.00/ea.

    Pickled Asparagus - 8.00/ea.

Savoury Spreads, Dips & Sauces

    Tangy Red Pepper Jelly - 7.00/ea.

    Pesto Sause - 7.00/ea.

    Horseradish Mustard - 7.00/ea.

    Medium Salsa - 6.00/ea.

    Red Pepper Dipping Sauce - 7.00/ea.

    Honey & Garlic BBQ Sauce - 7.00/ea.

Dry Mix Dips

    Onion & Chive Maple Dip - 4.00/ea.

    Lemon & Dill Maple Dip/ea.

        small - 3.00/ea.

        medium - 5.00/ea.

Soups & Spices

    Dried Legumes for Soup - 8.00/ea.

    Garlic Sea Salt - 9.00/ea.


    Spud's Finest Kettle Chips - 2.50/ea.

    Multi-grain Chia Crisps - 5.00/ea.


    Cracked Wheat - 4.00/ea.

Organic Popcorn (1 kg) - 7.99/ea.

Jams & Fruit Butters    

    Strawberry - 5.50/ea.

    Raspberry - 5.50/ea.

    Blackberry - 5.50/ea.

    Black Currant - 5.50/ea.

    Wild Blueberry & Raspberry - 5.50/ea.

    Apricot - 5.50/ea.

    Rhubarb Ginger - 5.50/ea.

    Cranberry Mango Chutney - 5.50/ea.

    Apple Butter

        medium - 5.50/ea.

        large - 7.00/ea.

    Pumpkin Butter

        medium - 5.50/ea.

        large - 7.00/ea.

Organic All-Purpose, Unbleached Flour

        small (1.25 kg) - 7.99/ea.

        medium (5 kg) - 22.00/ea.

        large (10 kg) - 30.00/ea.


Organic Whole Wheat Cake & Pastry Flour

        small (1.25 kg) - 7.99/ea.

        medium (5 kg) - 22.00/ea.

        large (10 kg) - 30.00/ea.

Organic Unbleached Spelt Flour

        large (10 kg) - 35.00/ea. *SALE*


Organic Oatmeal (1 kg bags)

    Regular Oat Flakes - 7.99/ea.

    Quick Oat Flakes - 7.99/ea.

    Steal Cut - 7.99/ea.

Organic Regular Coffee (Direct Trade)

    Beans (454g) - 16.00/ea.

    Ground (454g) - 16.00/ea.

Organic Decaf Coffee (Direct Trade)

    Beans (454g) - 16.00/ea.

    Ground (454g) - 16.00/ea.

Loose Leaf Teas

    Gusto (herbal blend) - 6.00/ea.

    Peach Rhubarb - 6.00/ea.