Meet the Fauls

Ed Faul is the farmer-in-chief. He was raised on a mixed animal- and crop- farm just down the road from where the Faul Family lives now. As a young boy he always knew that he would follow in his fathers' and grandfathers' footsteps and become a farmer himself. Ed studied at the University of Guelph and earned a Bachelor of Science Degree in Agricultural and Rural Development, Animal and Plant Science. Ed delights in having his two young grandsons at the farm so he can teach them all about farming (and take them for tractor rides!).

Shirley Faul is the farm store's manager. She grew up at her parent's cottage resort in Honey Harbour on Georgian Bay; she still believes it truly is "God's Country." Before Shirley met Ed, she grew and sold her own sprouts, herbs, and eggs to a health food store in Barrie, Ontario. After having kids, she opened a country gift store on the farm in 1995. Since then she has transformed the business into the Buy Local country store it is today. Shirley graduated from Emmanuel Bible College with a Bachelor of Religious Education. In her spare time, Shirley volunteers at Waterloo Hospice, providing support for patients and families. On her days off, she often travels to Hamilton to be with her daughter and two young grandsons, who are the new joy of her life!