Pre-Ordering Instructions


Please visit the STORE tab on our website to see updated lists and prices of all our beef products, local foods and items for sale that are available for pre-ordering. Please note the indicated items that have a limit on the amount purchased per person (due to high demand).

When you pre-order over email or phone (we prefer email, if possible), please know that we will do our best to fill your order as much as we can with the stock we have available. Don't worry, we get new stock on almost all our products every week - especially our beef!

When you pre-order your items, we will package them for you for pick up. Customers may also request their pre-orders to be picked up outside the store building if preferable.

To Pre-Order by Email:

  1. Email your order requests to Shirley at:

    • Please include your name and phone number in the email

    • Please use "STORE ORDER" as the subject heading

  2. You will receive an email confirmation from Shirley that your order has been placed. 

  3. Ellie will call you to review the order with you and give you the total amount and a pick up time. (Please make sure you included your phone number in the email order). 

  4. Payment options include: cash, credit, or debit upon arrival, or an e-transfer to:


To Pre-Order by Phone:

  1. Call the store with your order requests between Thursday to Saturday 11am-5pm (and leave a message if needed, with your phone number) at: 519-632-7678

  2. Ellie will call you back to review the order with you and give you the total amount and a pick up time.

  3. Payment options include: cash, credit, or debit upon arrival, or an e-transfer to: