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COVID-19 UPDATE: To ensure the continued safety of our family and yours, we are encouraging our customers to pre-order by email or phone. When you pre-order your items, we will package them for you for pick up. Payment will be requested upon arrival. Payment options now include e-transfers to: At this time, we are also requesting that only ONE customer be in the store at a time to ensure safe physical distancing. Customers may also request their pre-orders to be picked up outside the store building (if payment has been made by e-transfer/mobile means). Please visit the STORE section of our website to see updated lists and prices of all our food and items for sale. Thank you for your support and patience as we navigate through this unprecedented time together.    Email:   |   Phone: 519-632-7678

Gourmet Beef Cuts - Our Beef Only

Steaks (1 inch thick)  

    T-Bone                       13.00/lb.

    Rib Steak                   14.00/lb.

    Top Sirloin                  12.00/lb.

    Porterhouse               14.00/lb.

    Tenderloin                  18.00/lb.

    Strip Loin                   16.00/lb.

    Flank Steak                10.00/lb.

    Minute                          6.50/lb.

Roasts (3 to 4 lbs. each)

    Sirloin Tip                     9.00/lb.

    Prime Rib                   12.00/lb.

    Rump                           8.00/lb.

    Eye of Round               8.00/lb.

    Pot                                6.50/lb.

    Short Rib                      6.50/lb.

    Brisket                          6.50/lb.

Other Cuts

    100% Beef Patties       11.00/ea. pkg.

    Lean Ground Beef        6.50/lb.

    Short Ribs                     6.00/lb.

    Stewing                         7.00/lb.

    Soup Shank                  5.50/lb.

    Oxtail                            5.50/lb.

    Marrow Bones              3.50/lb.

    Neck Bones                  3.50/lb.

    Knuckle Bones             3.50/lb.

    Beef Cheeks                 6.50/lb.

    Suet                              3.50/lb.

    Tendons                        3.50/lb.

    Sweet Bread                 3.50/lb.

    Liver (whole)                 3.50/lb.

    Heart (whole)                3.50/lb.

    Tongue (whole)             3.50/lb.

Beef Patties: Six Quarter Pounders Per Pkg. No Filler

Beef Sausages - From Our Family Heritage Recipes

Nitrate Free, Gluten Free & Low Salt

All-Beef Sausages

    Summer Sausage             9.00/lb.

    Garlic Sausage                 7.00/lb.

    Garlic/Paprika Sausage      7.00/lb.

    Mild Pepperettes              6.00/pkg.

    Spicy Pepperettes            6.00/pkg.

Mini-Sides of Beef - Faul Farms’ Specialty

Family Box

33 lbs. for $280 (8.48/lb.)

STEAKS - 11 lbs.

T-Bones, Sirloin, Rib Steak (4 to 5 of each)

ROASTS - 11 lbs.

Sirloin, Rump, Pot, or Short Rib (choose 3, one of each)

GROUND BEEF (Extra Lean) - 11 lbs.

Can replace some Ground Beef with Stew, Shank, or Short Ribs


Gourmet Box

15 lbs. for $130 (8.66/lb.)

STEAKS - 5 lbs.

T-Bone, Sirloin, Rib Steak (1 to 2 of each)

ROASTS - 5 lbs.

Sirloin (1 large or 2 small)

GROUND BEEF (Extra Lean) - 5 lbs.

Can replace some Ground Beef with Stew, Shank, or Short Ribs


Sides of Beef - Custom Cut to Your Order

Hind Quarter


*Approx. 175 lbs. at $5.50/lb.

Hind Quarter Hanging Weight:

$4.60/lb. (bone in) + $0.90/lb. (cut & wrap) = $5.50/lb.

Front Quarter


*Approx. 175 lbs. at $5.00/lb.

Front Quarter Hanging Weight:

$4.10/lb. (bone in) + $0.90/lb. (cut & wrap) = $5.00/lb.

Half Side


*Approximately 350 lbs. at $5.00/lb.

Includes Hind Quarter & Front Quarter

Half Side Hanging Weight:

$4.10/lb. (bone in) + $0.90/lb. (cut & wrap) = $5.00/lb.

All Cuts Are Individually

 Wrapped & Labelled