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The Way We Farm

At Faul Farms, we employ green farming techniques. We use elements of permaculture philosophy. We pay attention to the model given to us by nature: a closed-loop, symbiotic process. 

Ed Faul is passionate about knowing his animals. He not only knows what they're fed and how they are treated from birth, but ensures that they never come into contact with antibiotics, hormones, or chemical feed additives. 

The Things That Set Us Apart

We know our cows and care for their health and well-being from birth. Our cows are conceived and born right here on the farm, the old-fashioned way.

We only feed our cows the crops we grow, fertilized by their own manure. We don't use any chemicals on our hay fields and pastures. We care about the health of the land. We rotate crops and give the earth time to rest to rejuvenate precious nutrients and health. 

Our pesticide-free fields allow for the flourishing of diverse microorganisms, insects and other critters that make up the biotic systems of which our fields are apart. 

Our cows are "stress-free." The moms and babies are pastured in spring, summer, and fall. In the barn in the winter months, we rotate the cows outside daily for feeding and exercise.

Our butcher, a family-run, government inspected business, is only five minutes from the farm: the cows don't experience the excess stress of a long trip to a far-away facility. This ensures a more humane treatment as well as tenderer meat. 

Our Cows' Diet

We grow our own feed; our cows love that we keep the whole stalk of the corn. Since we use the whole corn stalk and not just the corn cob, it is considered a grass. The cows are fed a strict vegetarian diet (composed of 80% grasses) - the food the cattle eat in a state of nature. 

The grass is either consumed on our organic pastures, or in the form of hay (dried grass, clover, legumes) grown chemical-free right here on our farm and on fields nearby!

The cows gobble up the goodness and after it is enjoyed by every one of their four stomachs, is it passed as the most nutrient-dense manure. We use the manure to feed the fields - the fields which feed the cows - and the loop is made complete.

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