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Who We Are

Faul Farms is a natural fed beef farm in Ayr, Ontario. We use traditional, smaller scale, sustainable farming techniques to produce the finest food products possible and to reconnect consumers with our rich agricultural heritage.

What is Natural Fed?

Drug Free​

+ We don't inject artificial growth hormones. 

+ We don't use antibiotics or growth stimulators in our feed.

Closed Cow-Calf Herd

+ We have a closed cow-calf herd producing hardy stock.

+ We know our cows from birth and only feed them the highest-quality home-grown food.

+ No outside cows come into the herd; less need for antibiotics. 

Our Own Feed

+ Hay and corn silage: we grow all of our own! 

+ Chemical-free hay and pastures. 

+ We use natural fertilizer: MANURE (we have plenty!) to keep the nutrient cycle intact.

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